Assistive Technology Network

Person-centered Planning

Person-centered planning is a process used to assist school teams, families, friends and others who assist students with disabilities in preparing for their future. This process can help AAC users share their interests, strengths and goals as an active participant in the development of the transition plan.

These resources from Helen Sanderson Associates provide structure to team conversations around person-centered planning:

  • Consider the "relationship circle" of the AAC user. This assists the team in identifying important people in the AAC user's life and supportive relationships to build upon.
  • This matching support tool provides a way to identify what is needed to create the best match between an AAC user and the people who support them.
  • The decision-making profile allows teams to create a picture of how a person makes a decision and how they want to be supported in decision-making. It provides information regarding the following preferences of the AAC user:
    • How I like to get information
    • How to present choices to me
    • Ways you can help me understand
    • When is the best time for me to make decisions?
    • When is a bad time for me to make a decision?