Assistive Technology Network


Facilitating smooth transitions for students who use AAC requires additional planning and coordination. Consider transitions such as: a new classroom, grade level, school, teacher, service provider, or post-secondary education and/or employment. Any change of setting or context may require development of a transition plan. A transition plan is a portfolio of documents that outline the AAC user’s strengths, how they communicate, and supports and services needed for them to be successful. Often, there is a new multidisciplinary team of professionals supporting the student and family who need time to get to know the student and familiarize themselves with the student's AAC system. Important questions to answer include:

  • What planning should occur before the transition?
  • What training will the new team members require?
  • Who is responsible for providing the training?
  • Who will prepare the vocabulary on the student's AAC device and any additional communication support needed for the transition?

The TIES Center provides Communicative Support Tips for AAC users. Tip #25 discusses factors to consider when students transition between grades, classes, and schools.